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The Cowfish Streamingserver is a small HTTP server to offer MPEG2 transport streams recorded by the DVB boxes Siemens Gigaset M740 AV and Gigaset M750 S. Simply said: use this server and the VideoLan Client to view movies recorded by this boxes on your computer :-). Additionaly the server can encode movies to other file formats in the background.


(0): You need a viewer to display MPEG2-transport streams referenced by an HTTP-URL ( VideoLan Client recommended).

(1): Hyperlink to MPEG2 TS - Use this link to download the movie. On MacOS drag this link to the VLC dock-icon to add the movie to the VLC playlist.
(2): Hyperlink additional EPG information.
(3): URL of the recorded MPEG2 TS. Mark this URL and copy it to the clipboard. Open this link with MPlayer or VLC to playback the Movie (CTRL-U). Use VLC "open network stream" and paste the copied URL to the input field.
(4): Delete a recorded video stream - no undo. Your WebBrowser must be executed on the same computer as the server to delete files. Above: Date and duration of the recording.
(5): Refresh/Show the navigation elements.
(6): Navigation elements: "reset" rewinds the stream. Click on the progressbar to jump to a special position. Click the arrow buttons to jump up to 5 minutes forwards or backwards.
(7): Access to (this) manual, server status and log files.

Start and Setup

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Restrictions / Known Bugs

Please check also the Cowfish Streamingserver
bugtracker at

Support - Feed the Cowfish

Das Forum zum Cowfish Server ist erreichbar unter

Please check the Cowfish Streamingserver bugtracker at Feel free to leave a message, if you got problems running the application :-). Don't forget to include additional information like parts of the logfile and OS, JAVA version infos etc.

Stay informed about new releases: use the sourceforge monitor function to be informed when new (preview) versions of Cowfish Streamingserver are published.



Thanks to Derk-Jan Hartman from the videolan project for having a close look on the recorded MPEG streams. Also special thanks to the german forum for hosting the cowfish forum. The m740 forum and their users for bugreports and suggestions. Also a "thank you" to Karlo and the other CridManager developer for helping the cowfish to decode the cridfiles! And a big thank you to for hosting this project.


see [about]/[setup]  and 
for aditional information.

Your feedback is welcome at the cowfish forum
(especially about the new encoder interface and the series filter.)

Über deine Rückmeldung, speziell zur neuen Serien-Gruppierung und zur Encoder 
Schnittstelle, freut sich das cowfish Forum unter:

0.8.3-RC6 (20071229)
* encode jobs: deleted records on the box were not removed
  from the encoded queue. 
* bugfix: NPE sort / compare date
* INFO.txt was missing in CVS JAR-bundle
0.8.3-RC5 (20070915)
* prj: After my notebook had been stolen it took some time to reconstruct the
  cowfish project. I used the time to migrate from netbeans 3.6 to eclipse 3.3,
  refurbished the sourcecode and added eclipse and CVS support to the 
  project files within the distribution. There should not be any major 
  functional differences to the RC4 version, but it should be now much easier
  for other JAVA developer to use the cowfish project.
0.8.3-RC4 (20070727)
* crid: VideoLan Client Navigation scrollbar supported:
  You do not need to use the cowfish HTML navi-bar anymore to cue the movie 
  forwards or backwards - simply use the VideoLan Clients scrollbar.
* cf: redesigned logging for cowfish framework (supports now hierachical 
0.8.3-RC3 (20070517)
* fixed: encoder export: wrong timestring within title and -timestamp option.
* Display number of logged errors/warnings at index page - direct link to logfile 
0.8.3-RC1 (20070305)
* added warn/error logging link
* fixed: force to delete recording, even if single referenced entries do not
* MacOS/MPlayer: do not log error when player stops.
* fix in class BasicStreamForwarder: buffers might got lost.
* FTP BUGFIX: Because of an bug/feature? in the FTP library there remained a thread
  and proably opened connection for every file accessed via FTP. This resource
  leak might have caused serious performance and server conections issues on
  your system (if you configured the FTP access).
* fixed wrong back to index link on encoder page
* added java debug-option comment to unix and mac starter scripts
* NEW: added filter for series
* improved back to index link on vlcplugin page  
* faster response after clicking "delete" or info links.
  (device-Index is not updated for every request.)
* added mplayer documentation for playback.
  (The 0.8.6a version of the videolan client seemed to be more instable for 
    cowfish playback so I switched to the mplayer application.)
* faster response after clicking "delete" link and improved navigation.
* no new index is sent to the browser after clicking play local or export links
* sortorder memorized
* new localhost detection
* update Encoder Joblist everytime the Encoder Joblist page is displayed
  (keep in sync with recording index)
* added refresh link to Encoder Joblist page
  (joblists are updated usually every five minutes)
* Bugfix: more stable periodically update of the encoder jobs
* Documentation: added encoder options for Palm Organizer
* improved localhost detection

0.8.2 Encoder (2007-01-20)
* doc: added shemata.gif and loglevel documentation.
* encoder: modified layout encoder page. Added autorefresh.

RC4 2007-01-06
* added property "admin.remote.enabled" to allow remote administration.
* doc: updated encoder documentation

* Init: Bugfix for RC2 (server failed to start if directory 
    "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Dokumente\Eigene Videos" 
  does not exist.)

RC2 2006-12-30
* Init: Bugfix for RC1 (resources /bin/linux/ and 
  /bin/windows/encoder.bat do not exist. So the server failed to start.

RC1 2006-12-30
* CRID: first version with encoder interface. 
  (preconfigured for ffmpeg and iPod Video.
* Config: properties are sorted by name.
* HTTPServ: added MIME Types for mp4 and mov.
* Config: reordered directory structure of local resources.

0.8.1 VLC Plugin release (2006-12-06)
0.8 (RC2) firmware 2.3x release 2006-10-15
0.8 RC1 bugfix prerelease 2006-04-18
0.7.9 bugfix and timeshift release 2006-04-14
0.7.8 bugfix release 2006-03-23
0.7.7 release 2006-03-21
0.7.6 release 2006-03-18
0.7.5 enhancement release 2006-03-13
0.7.4 enhancement and bugfix release 2006-03-12
0.7.3 RC2 bugfix release 2006-03-05
0.7.3 bugfix release 2006-03-05
0.7.2 bugfix and docs release 2006-03-05
0.7.1 bugfix and docs release 2006-03-04
0.7 - initial release 2006-03-01



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